• III International
    DENGUE Integral
    Intervention Course

    "Dengue in the Zika times"
    Bucaramanga, Colombia
    August 10-13, 2016
    Santander - Colombia
    - The Epidemic of Zika in the Americas.
    - Burden of disease of the arboviruses.
    - Laboratory Diagnostic: Dengue,
      challenges with Zika, CHIKV
    - Modeling of epidemics:
      evaluating interventions.
    - Vector Control:
      Design and evaluation

    - José Luis San Martin

    - Gamaliel Gutiérrez

    - Haroldo Becerra

    - Pilar Ramón

    - Jairo Méndez


    - Scott Halstead (USA)

    - In Kyu Yoon (Corea)

    - Mabel Carabali (Canada)


    - Guadalupe Guzmán (Cuba)

    - Eric Martínez (Cuba)

    - María Eugenia Toledo (Cuba)


    - Jorge Muñoz (Puerto Rico)

    - Michael Johansson (Puerto Rico)

    Pasteur Institute

    - Jessica Vanhomwegen (Francia)

    Imperial College London

    - Pierre Nouvellet (United Kingdom)

    Instituto de Medicina Tropical

    - Jaime Torres (Venezuela)

    Federal University of Goias

    - João Bosco Siqueira (Brazil)

    University of Florida

    - Ira Longini (USA)

    Johns Hopkins University–Red NEAS

    - Carlos Pardo (USA)

    Hospital Nacional de Niños

    - Maria Luisa Ávila (Costa Rica)

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    - Lee Gerhke (USA)

    University of Michigan-Red Aedes

    - Eduardo Villamor (USA)

    Butantan Institute

    - Ricardo Palacios (Brazil)

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Red AEDES

    - Irene Bosch (USA)

    University of Florida-Red AEDES

    - Diana Rojas (USA)

    Johns Hopkins University-Red AEDES

    - Isabel Rodríguez (USA)


    Instituto Nacional de Salud.

    - Marcela Mercado

    - Dioselina Pelaez Carvajal

    Universidad de Antioquia.

    - Guillermo Rua-Uribe

    - Iván Darío Vélez

    Universidad del Valle - Red AEDES

    - Anilza Bonello

    Universidad de Antioquia- Red AEDES

    - Francisco Díaz

    Universidad Surcolombiana- Red AEDES

    - Doris Salgado

    Centro Internacional de Entrenamiento e
    Investigaciones Médicas/ CIDEIM- Red AEDES.

    - Clara Ocampo

    Universidad Industrial de Santander-Red AEDES

    - Luis Ángel Villar




The AEDES Network, the Colombian Ministry of Health and the National Health Institute, together with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) among others institutions, will organize the 3rd edition of the III International Dengue Integral Intervention Course, from 10-13 August 2016 in Bucaramanga, Colombia.

The theme of the course, in line with the objectives of the WHO / PAHO, will focus on the challenges to reduce the burden of dengue disease, that has recently been made more complex by the emergence of other arboviruses such as Chikungunya already endemic, and Zika infection, the explosive pandemic occurring throughout South America, Central America, and the Caribbean Countries whereby has been declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by the WHO.

The Course's objective is to provide educational opportunities for all participants in the new global initiatives for reducing the burden of dengue disease and other arboviruses, through symposia with plenary sessions and multidisciplinary workshops and focused discussions, with the participation and under the leadership of national and international professors and experts.
All the Course participants, health authorities, health managers, physicians, epidemiologists, entomologists, microbiologist, virologists, immunologists, sociologists and researchers among others interested in this field, will have the opportunity to acquire relevant integral knowledge in Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika, share successful experiences, training in specific areas and updating scientific advances, which serve as support for the approach and making the right decisions at different levels.