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Club Campestre de Bucaramanga

It is strategically located between the Palonegro International Airport and the city, besides being a social, sports and cultural center has become one of the most important business destinations in the city for all kinds of events. Suites have a privileged view of the golf course, where they are mixed in perfect balance architecture and the natural environment surrounding the club. The hotel offers the highest standards of modern comfort, designed for people looking to spend a pleasant time without neglecting their health or taste for the practice of a sport; with the most sophisticated facilities for visitors to conduct their activities while enjoying a pleasant experience during your stay.


Bucaramanga has a very good hotel infrastructure composed in part by some of the best chains of hotels in the country. Several areas of the city are important center restaurants and nightclubs in the city. In the area near the Event we recommend the following hotels:

Hotel Loft Dorado
Hotel Premium House
Hotel Holiday Inn Bucaramanga Cacique